Performance and Recovery through massage

Percussive Therapy

- Release muscle tension, tightness & soreness

- Accelerate muscle warm-up & recovery

- Improve performance

- Help sooth pain and avoid injury

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- Powerful yet quiet

- Versatile yet easy-to-use

- Lightweight yet durable

- Simple yet effective

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How It Works

- Improves performance

- Increases circulation

- Improves range-of-motion

- Relieves stiffness & soreness

- Breaks-up knots

What's included

- MyoPulse Massage Gun

- MyoPulse High-Capacity Battery

- MyoPulse Charger

- MyoPulse Interchangeable Massage Heads (Set of 8)

- MyoPulse Custom Fitted Portable Case ($49 Value)

Trusted by Athletes Everywhere
My Performance. My Recovery. MyoPulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No Rage

Just Recovery

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