our mission:

Bring Technology and innovation to athletes* everywhere

*Everyone Is An Athlete


Our mission was formed from countless setbacks, roadblocks, and injuries. We learned from these experiences and have dedicated ourselves to helping you avoid them. We do that by utilizing the lastest technology and innovations so that nothing can hold you back. 

MyoPulse LLC is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


You take your training and your body seriously; we do too. If we are not absolutely sure a technology or innovation will make a significant impact for you, you will not find it here.

everyone is an athlete

Training for the Olympics? Playing on a D1 Team? Playing Streetball on the weekends? Taking the office steps? Technology and innovation will help you push further no matter who you are.

Our Team

United by common experiences the MyoPulse team consists of Kinesiologists, Engineers, Athletes, and MBAs. Together, we will move you forward.